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Successful project "Intro": We will present our best practice at ECIL 2023

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we will be present at the ECIL 2023 conference! ECIL stands for European Conference on Information Literacy and is an event for practitioners and academics working on digital literacy and digital inclusion. The abstract we submitted was accepted and we will be hosting a best practice session.

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In our abstract, we emphasised that it is not enough to distribute access to the internet and digital devices equally to reduce the digital divide. Rather, we need to focus more on promoting digital literacy. This is particularly important for vulnerable groups such as refugees, as they are more likely to face social, financial and educational risks.

In our Best Practice Session, we are going to present experiences and findings from our project "Intro - Finding Work with Computers and the Internet". The project runs for one year and has participants from all over Germany. The aim of the course is to increase the participants' digital skills so that they can use the internet to find out about the German labour market and communicate online about their preferences and qualifications.

The course relies on a new method of teaching both synchronously (live online sessions) and asynchronously (via an online learning platform). The curriculum and learning objectives of the course are based on the EU's "Digital Competence Framework for Citizens - DigComp 2.2". Here, the two competence areas "Information and Data Literacy" and "Communication and Collaboration" are covered.

In our best practice session, we will look at different aspects that need to be considered when designing courses for people with low digital competences. These include the target group, evaluation of participants' progress, course content and the settings in which the course will take place. We will also address the pros and cons of adapting course content to the digital literacy framework and provide tips on successful teaching practices and methods.

We look forward to being part of this conference and sharing our experiences and insights. Our aim is to promote digital literacy and increase the chances of successful integration into the world of work. We hope that our best practice session will be an inspiring contribution to the conference. Visit the following website to learn more about the ECIL 2023 conference:

Feel free to contact us for more information about our project:

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