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Intro Course: Finding Work with Computers and the Internet

Do you want to learn how to find information about the job market on the internet? Do you want to know how to apply for jobs through the internet?

Many job opportunities can be found online. Employers prefer digital applications. Therefore, it is important to know how to use computers and the internet to secure employment.

We at Grenzenlos Digital e.V. offer you a free online course.

One course will take place from 3rd June to 15th July 2024. Another course is planned for 4th September to 27th September. The course is for people living in Hamburg. Feel free to message us if you are interested in the course.

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Information about the course​

You will learn, for example:

  • How to use Google to find work

  • Writing an email to an employer

  • Finding work through a job platform

The online course lasts for 5 weeks:

  • 12th June-15th July 2024 or 4th to 27th September

  • Per week:

    • 2-3 x 90-minute online sessions

    • 1-2 hours of exercises

  • The ongoing course is conducted online and through self-study. There is one hour each week for clearing doubts.

  • Download course schedule in German as PDF (27 KB)

You will receive:

  • Certificate

  • Guidance

  • Simple language and time for clarification of doubts

  • Lots of support

The course is online. We conduct classes using Zoom, a video conferencing program. The material is always available for you online. You can learn whenever and wherever you want. We learn with fun in a group.

You will receive assistance from us in Hamburg-Altona or over the phone.


You can participate

  • If you have at least B1-level proficiency in German

  • If you are between 18-65 years old

  • If you live in Hamburg


What do you need to participate?

  • Computer or tablet

  • Internet

  • At least B1-level proficiency in German

Do you want to sign up? Do you have questions?

Anna will be happy to help you:

We look forward to hearing from you!



At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate. You can use it for your applications.


We will assist you before and during the course. You can always ask questions. We support you so that you can participate.

Own Learning Pace

The course is online. You can learn whenever you want. The courses and materials are always available for you.

Questions and answers


Where is the course? 

The course is online.

When is the course? 

12th June-15th July and 4th September - 27th September 2024

How long does the course take? 

The course lasts for 4-5 weeks.

How much time do I need for the course each week? 

For the online course, you need 3-4 hours per week. For exercises, you need about 1-2 hours.


Time per week:

  • Two-three online classes (à 90 minutes)

  • 1-2 hours of exercises

  • One 60-minute of Q&A session

Who can participate? 

  • You need at least B1-level proficiency in German 

  • You should be between 18-65 years old 

  • You should live in Hamburg

What do I need to participate? 

  • Computer or tablet 

  • Internet access / Data package with sufficient size 

  • At least B1-level proficiency in German

If you don't have a computer or an email address, we may be able to help you. Write us an email at

How do I sign up for the course? 

Write us an email at

Or send a WhatsApp or SMS to 01520 - 66 89 58 3.

How is the course structured? 

We will give you an introduction to our course. You will learn how to use Zoom and the learning platform. There will be online classes twice a week, each lasting 90 minutes. We use the Zoom program for video conferencing. If you have any questions, you can attend our Q&A sessions.

Course schedule in German as PDF (27 KB)

What if I can't attend the online classes? 

The classes are available as videos. You can watch the classes and do the exercises on your own. You can always learn online. Texts, videos, and exercises are available online on a learning platform.

I don't have an email address. Can I still participate? 

Yes, you are welcome to participate! We can help you get an email address.

I don't have a computer. Can I still participate? 

You need a computer or a tablet to participate. If you don't have a computer, contact us. Maybe we can help you.

Your trainer

Anna-Julia Danisch Grenzenlos Digital eV_edited.jpg


Trainer and manager for the Intro course

"I am looking forward to the course and the participants. I want to impart digital knowledge and enable people to participate in digital life and improve their opportunities in society."

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